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Trip Duration: 14 days

Trip Dates:​

  • Jul 01 - 14, 2023

  • Aug 01 - 14, 2023

  • Sept 01 - 14, 2023

Group Size: 6 paxs

Trip Cost: $5950 USD PAX

Private trip supplement: $USD 800 per person


Floating The Onon river in Mongolia is a magical experience that every angler would wish to experience. Join us on an incredible fishing adventure to the upper section of Onon river in the Majestic Khentii mountains. Fish with some of the most experienced local fishing guides to make the most out of this special expedition. Onon is home to the most predatory and monster fish - Taimen, and with plenty of lenoks, Amur pike and trout to reel in too, making it the dream location for the sport fishermen the world over. There are over 36 species of fish in Onon making it the river with the most diverse fish species in Mongolia.
Some of Mongolia’s greatest landscapes are found in its mountain valleys filled with larch and pine trees. Away from the crowded fishing zones and beaten tracks, this place and We as organizers offer you the most memorable fly-fishing adventure that you won’t forget for years. Our trip allows travelers to visit places that few others ever get to see, making it unlikely that they run into other fishermen for their entire stay on the river.


  •  Catch the king taimen and feel the genuine thrill behind the fly reel. When a monster taimen comes at your fly, it may turn into the intense fight that will seem like heart-stopping action. This is what every fly angler dreams to see and catch.

  • Float Onon river, the headwater of Amur River basin which is one of the oldest rivers on earth. Immerse into the beautiful nature with the characteristics of southern Siberian region.

  • Explore the historical sites that are connected to Genghis khan’s early life and 13th century Mongolians. Visit places like where Genghis khan was born and crowned as the king of great Mongolian Empire. This is the exact area where Mongols started to gain power and went to conquer the world over.

  • Discover the spectacular Baldan-Braven Monastery which was established in 17th century as the major Buddhist center in north-eastern Mongolia.

  • Meet the Buryat people, ethnic people who were named as the “mountain citizens” during Genghis khan era. Although they suffered horrific political purges during 1930’s, they were able to preserve their remarkable culture and tradition up until today.

  • Visit nomadic beekeepers, who represent the eco-friendly farming in the community. Excellent opportunity to get your hands into the beekeeping practices. See how the bees are cared and honey is harvested. Learn how the bee keeping helps improve condition of pastureland in the region.

  • Discover and watch white-naped cranes, one of the rarest birds on the planet earth. This area is home to these elusive birds for summer breeding. It is estimated that only 6000 individuals left in the world. Over 1 thousand of population gather and breed in this small piece of area. This place is regarded as one of the major birding area that possess multiple rare species including great bustards (the largest fly bird in the world) and 5 other different species of cranes as well as white tailed eagles and other raptors.

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   King Taimen – Fly Fishing adventure 2023

Guests arrive Ulaanbaatar one day prior preferably.Upon arrival at the Chinggis Khaan International Airport,our staff will meet you for the transfer to our hotel, Best western located within walking distance of Sukhbaatar Square, museums and shops. Our staff will be holding a sign board when you cross the main gate of the airport.


Day 1: Orientation, Best Western hotel, dinner in UB

After the breakfast, around 9:am, everyone gathers at the lobby to meet each other. Guide will make a brief orientation and lead the way to Gandan monastery for religious experience and National history Museum. After we’re finished with Museum, we will have a lunch at Rosewood restaurant. Post lunch, you’re at your own disposal. We will meet at hotel lobby for welcome dinner.
Best Western Tuushin Hotel (B,L,D)

Day 2: Baldan Bereeven monastery & Uglugch wall

Once the breakfast is served, we will set off our journey to the wilderness of Khentii mountains. Our destination today is Baldan monastery. We will start journey at and drive east through vast grasslands to the North - Eastern Mongolia. On the way out there, we will stop by Tsonjin-Boldog, Giant-equestrian Statue of Genghis-Khan. We will arrive at the Baldan bereeven monastery, an ancient Buddhist center of Mongolia late afternoon.
It is a beautiful place surrounded by rock cliffs. We will explore the area on foot for 1-2 hours. And after that we will set off to spend overnight at Ger camp.

Drive: 173 miles (280 Km), approx 6-7 hours driving including lunch stop. Overnight in Bayangol Ger camp (B,L,D)

Day 3: Uglugch wall and preparation for a float trip

In the morning, we will stop by the Uglugch wall to explore. This stone wall was constructed more than a thousand years ago and there are still lots of secrets about this place. We will spend 1-2 hours at the site exploring on foot and have lunch at the wall gate. Post lunch we continue drive further north to reach our destination, where we start our fishing trip. Once we arrive at the river, the guides will meet you and give basic tips on how to fish at Onon river in particular. Pack things up for the next day and relax. The cook will prepare Mongolian barbeque for dinner.
Drive: 125 miles (200 Km), approx 5-6 hours driving plus 1-2 hours for lunch spot and excursion at the stone wall .
Overnight in tent camp (B,L,D)


Day 4 – 9: Fishing and rafting

On the day 4, our fishing adventure begins. Next 6 days, we’ll be on the river in search of river monster and many other species to catch. We fish new stretch of water everyday covering enter length of over 100 km waterway. There are couple of tributaries coming into the main river to join and this is where we stop for a wade and spot-fishing. Every day, as we finish the day, we run into the new camping spot where our staff will meet with a new set-up camp with food and supplies. The river meander through many different types of terrain including lush covered mountains and wide-open spaces.
Float: 70 miles (over 100km) in total. approximately 7-8 hours fishing each day. plus 1-2 hours for lunch on the riverside. Overnight in tent camp (B,L,D).
Note: please bring only few important clothes and items you need on the boat, all other luggage will be sent via our truck and you will have them at the camp each night.

Day 10: Cultural event, visit Genghis Khan Historical places

After we’re done fishing section for 6 days spent on the river, it is time to move on to the next piece of adventure. In the morning of 10 th day, our destination is Binder soum village where Genghis khan is believed to be born and raised as well as area where he was crowned as the king of Great Mongolian Empire. We have a
local guide giving us the lecture about history of Genghis khan and his descendants. After that we will have a lunch by the Respectful Palace of Genghis khan. In the afternoon, mini cultural event will be organized for us by local Buryat people. They will proudly perform costume show, horsemen performances, as well as ethnic songs and dances. In the evening, we have barbeque with local people. Dance and singing around bonfire. Buryat people are famed for Yokhor dance which is performed around bonfire that will ask everybody to join.

Drive: 15 miles (45 Km), approximately 1 hour driving.

Overnight in tent camp (B,L,D)

Day 11: Visit nomadic Bee farm (Saraana), Buryat family visit.

In the morning, we drive to a local Bee farmer to join the work of honey harvesting. We take part in their daily activities to work on bee hives and harvest some honey! The Saraana bee farm is known to be nomadic beekeepers and produce honey from wild flowers. Dress beekeepers outfit and learn about bee handling with the
instruction of head worker. After lunch, we are off to visit local nomadic family nearby.

Drive: 20 miles (50 Km), approx 1-2 hours driving, tent camp (B,L,D)

Day 12: Drive to Gun-Galuut nature reserve, horse riding, wildlife watching

In the morning of 12 th day, we begin to drive back to direction of Ulaanbaatar. Our destination is Gun-Galuut natural reserve. Before we reach Gun-Galuut, we will drive through Khurk bird ringing station which is where they have bird conservation project in the progress. We will spend some time learning about their project and go out to look for White-naped crane and other species of birds. After lunch, we will drive to Gun-Galuut natural reserve. Dinner at the Gun galuut camp.
Drive: 155 miles (250 Km), approx 1-2 hours to Khurk bird ringing station. 5 hours to Gun-Galuut camp.
Overnight in ger camp (B,L,D)

Day 13: Return UB, Farewell dinner

After breakfast, we will go ride a horse to explore. This area is home to number of amazing species of wildlife including wild mountain sheep (argali), grey wolf and corsac foxes and happen to be one of the main birding zones for migratory birds.
Lunch at the camp and we will drive back to 2-3 hours to UB. Farewell dinner and folk concert.

Drive: 90 miles (140 Km), approx 2-3 hours driving. Overnight in Tuushin hotel (B,L,D)

Day 14: International Departures

Transfer to the airport.




Pre-trip expenses, extra night in hotels before or after the trip, medical immunizations, emergency evacuations, visa fees, travel insurance, and other expenses of a personal nature (alcoholic beverages, laundry, etc).

Double or twin occupancy at Premier Tuushin, Best Western Hotel. Welcome and farewell dinners and lunch, all entrance fees to museums based on itinerary, English speaking guide, lodging (ger camps), meals, National Park fees, Special taimen permits issued by the Ministry of Mongolia, Airport transfers, everything related to transport, local crew, local concerts, payments horses.


All payments can be made by international bank transfers. When you are ready to pay the deposit and secure your spot, send us email and we will provide you the bank details.


300$ is the amount you pay to secure your spot as a deposit. After receiving your deposit, we will notify you with
pack list, departure information etc.


Once we receive your deposit, all our services included in the itinerary is to be proceeded. Final payment is
payable, 3 weeks prior to arrival


All cancellations need to be done via email in written form. If you cancel the trip:
30 - 60 days prior to departure date – 50% of the deposit is refundable
0-30 days – deposit is nonrefundable.
Cancellation terms may differ on customized itineraries and pandemic period.

This trip takes place is MONGOLIAN VERSION OF SIBERIA.

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Khan Khentii mountain Region

Davaa, Uvur and Unguljiin rivers start from Khan Khentii Mountain, a peak of Khentii Mountain range, and running along on two sides of Botokhon and Boorji that lie next to Mountains Burkhan Khaldun create a river called “Onon”. The river runs for 808 km along beautiful high mountains that support forests including boreal coniferous forests and through vast meadows and steppe in Khentii and Dornod aimags of Mongolia and then goes to a territory of Chita province of Russian Federation. While running through the territory of Russian Federation, Onon River creates Shilk River by joining Ingedei River started from Sohond Mountain, a peak mountain continued from Khentii Mountain range to the north east. Joining Ergune River, the Shilk River creates scenic Amur River that marks off borders of Russia and China and inflows into Pacific Ocean having run through vast taiga/boreal coniferous forests. Thus, starting from a tributary of Ungulj and Davaa rivers and inflowing into the ocean, this big river runs for 4,444 km. The river width is five km in average by running in narrow streams in its some parts. It is internationally recognized that Onon River is a head river of Amur River, one of five world biggest rivers that freely runs without any natural embankments and barriers. There are over 400 rivers and streams inflowing in Onon, Ulz, Kherlen, and Khalkh rivers in Mongolia that belong to Amur River basin. Amur River basin is one of 35 eco-regions that require inevitable conservation as announced by World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). Therefore, the protection of Amur river, which is specific with its scenery, natural resources, rarely found ecosystem features and regarded as one of the biggest not only in Asia but also in the world, should start from the protection of Onon river basin.



Yuruult Tumenjargal


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Monglobe travel llc
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

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